Hi! I'm Jef Leeson
What I do - I'm a voice actor, narrator, musician, singer-songwriter, audio engineer/producer & collector of great friends. Play some demo reels, have a look around, and if I can help out your next project, contact me!

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An animated movie, a new instrumental release, a personal video project...
The movie Western Space Odyssey
is online now!:
My latest instrumental release:
'Theremin Theatre: Horror Theme'
Tap/click to listen:
Listen to Theremin Theatre: Horror Theme


- 700 sq ft. studio w/control room: suitable for up to 10 people, main room treated with live & semi-live ends;
- 65 sq ft. booth treated for -90dB noise floor;


- RODE, AKG, Shure & APEX Microphones;
- Reaper DAW; custom 64bit dual-SSD PC recording system;
- iZotope Elements Suite;
- Hundreds of VST instruments, FX & processing plugins;
- Superior Drummer;
- Line 6 guitar & bass mods;
- 5.1 UHD Yorkville & custom monitor system;
- Focusrite & Mackie interfaces;
- Soundcraft & Mackie boards;
- Gretsch, Fender, Takamine, Gibson & Epiphone guitars;
- Fender, Marshall, Ampeg & Trace Elliot amps;

About Me

Based in central Ontario, Canada, I've been freelancing voice work, audio engineering, music production and songwriting services for over 30 years. Contact me if you'd like to discuss how I can benefit your project, or, better yet, let's connect on Zoom, Skype or Discord. And THANK YOU for stopping by!

Drawn to the theatre & playing in bands during school years, by my early 20s stages & studios were my career. As a performer, work took me around half the world & helped me establish a studio & small record label. Soon after, voice acting & voice over work came calling.

When not tracking dialogue, editing/mixing audio for games, toons, films, corporate videos & audio dramas, being a session producer/musician, or creating my own releases, I still get to perform live music every now & then, mostly around Ontario.

Voice acting & voice over / narration projects I'm in:
Absolute Denial - the animated film by Ryan Braund
Mongrel - the video game by Fischmell
Western Space Odyssey - the animated film by Rik Berryere

Game mods such as:
  - Stargate ARMA
  - Fallout: Project Arroyo
  - Skyrim: Shumer & The Fall Of Allagard SSE

And voice over/narration:
  - POWER AS International, Norway
  - Red Mars Capital Ltd., Cyprus
  - Vertigo Creative Studio, Belgium
  - The Eagle & The Forest (audiobook)
  - Daydreaming at the Rodeo (audiobook)

Audio engineering / mixing / production projects of mine can be viewed on this YouTube playlist.

Music clients on this Spotify playlist.

And voice actor's demo reels, heard on Twitter & YouTube:

My Work

Here are some of my many clients, and a few of my own projects, musical or otherwise.

Original Releases

Some of my albums & singles, streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon & more.

Voice Acting

Games & animated films with my voice acting. More can be seen on my IMDB page.

Other Audio Clients

Audio editing & mixing clients, including Fallout: Miami & others on Twitter & YouTube.

Voice Over

Narration & corporate voice over clients.

Music Commissions

Projects containing performances and/or songs of mine - playlists on Spotify & YouTube.

My Own Projects

Original video & audio projects on YouTube, on my personal channel or my Equable Media channel.

To voice123.com To soundbetter.com To airgigs.com To voquent.com

My Music

'Vocalings: The Canuckness'

Acapella covers of early 1970s Canadian pop/rock hits.

'Topic of the Day'

Classic-sounding pop/rock, released in 2017.

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