• Main Cast
    Ensign Deputy Zebulon Shlabotnick
    Voiced by Peter Jardine

    The passionate, tenacious, supportive simpleton, ready to jump in (or be taken out) at a moment's notice.
    Lt. Deputy Hamden Squab III
    Voiced by Allan Jensen

    The confident & affable semi-Scandinavian navigator, maybe just a liiiiitle emotional now & then.
    Captain Sheriff Plantagenet Clamdip
    Voiced by Ritchie Pine

    The newly recruited leader of the Big Frickin' Starship Toasted Western, heavy on bravado, lacking back-40 experience.
    Commander Deputy Squint
    Voiced by Doug Somers

    One of those "frag first, don't bother asking" cowboys. Much more interested in style than substance.
    Lt. Deputy Hillsworth Kidd
    Voiced by Jef Leeson

    The crew's centre of logic & rationale - usually busy sciencin'... or changing his uniform.
    Engineer Joe
    Voiced by Rik Berryere

    The heartbeat of the Toasted Western. Often as fired up as the ship's engines. Expect him to call you 'Jim'.
  • The Music

    The Official Soundtrack.
    Songs from (and inspired by) the film, plus Doug Somer's main theme & select score snippets.
    Listen to it or buy it today!

    WSO Main Theme.
    Doug Somer's main theme composition. To be played on or off world.
    Listen to it or buy it today!

    'Roundin' Up The Star Girls' single.
    The official theme song as performed by the main cast, AKA The Brothers Bruce.
    Listen to it or buy it today!

    'Roundin' Up The Star Girls Redux EP'.
    A covers/remix EP of the official theme song, featuring The Happy Pill Academy, Kelly Mulhall, Bobby Slick, Mike Lynch, Felix Arifin & others
    Listen to it or buy it today!
  • The Creators / Main Cast
    (AKA The Brothers Bruce... loosely speaking... some looser than others...)
    Rik Berryere
    Writer, producer, director, animator, songwriter, musician, train & motorcycle enthusiast, butter tart aficionado... AKA WSO Head Honcho.
    Voice of Engineer Joe & many other supporting fellers.
    MORE:  www.rikberryere.com 

    Doug Somers
    Score composer, performer, songwriter & producer. Probably the nicest guy in the crew.
    Voice of Commander Deputy Squint.
     Doug's music on Soundcloud 

    Jef Leeson
    Audio editor, mixer, foley, songwriter, performer & producer. Could be the tallest of the bunch.
    Voice of Lt. Deputy Hillsworth Kidd.
    MORE:  www.jefleeson.com 

    Allan Jensen
    Songwriter, performer & producer. Prone to walking around with RCV controllers.
    Voice of Lt. Deputy Hamden Squab III & supporting roles.
    Peter Jardine
    Songwriter & performer. Truly lives in the back 40.
    Voices of Ensign Deputy Zebulon Shlabotnick & Floyd The Android.
  • Supporting Cast
    Voice talents who so graciously contributed. Please visit them elsewhere online & support their work. :)
    Phillip Sacramento
    Voice of Chief Ayawamat.
     Visit Phillip on Twitter 

    Peter Walker
    Voice of Cylons.

    E. Isen
    Voice of Admiral Marshall Perkins Hambone.
    Deb Berryere
    Voice of First Chief Namida.

    Sean Ellison
    Voice of Second Chief Ahanu.
    Special Guest Appearances By:
    Terry Draper
    Voice of Himself.
     Visit Terry's website 
    ---- ------
    Voice of High Chief.
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